Where it all began

Find out how TwentyTwelve started.

Established in 2016 after the birth of their daughter, Erin, closely followed by their son, Vinnie, TwentyTwelve took off! Founders, Leanne and Russell, wanted to build a business providing as much family time as possible to spend with their young children.

Leanne has always held a huge passion for crafts and textiles and so decided to put her hand to it once again, making bespoke picture frames. These frames very quickly turned into accessories, which then turned into apparel.

And here they are today! Erin is certainly following in her mummy's footsteps and wants to help at every opportunity!

With all their hard work, and determination, their dreams have turned into a reality. And if you're wondering where the name TwentyTwelve came from... It's the year that Leanne and Russell met!

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